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User agreement
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User agreement
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Confidentiality of information

1.1. This Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) governs the relationship between PrJSC (hereinafter – META) and the user, and describes the relationship of the parties in order to prevent the causing of a possible financial or other damage to Meta and /or users by the legal entities or persons caused by their unlawful or negligent actions by gratuitous appropriation and/or disclosure of confidential information.
1.2. Confidential Information (hereinafter – Information) - any other information that META can obtain about a user after registration, his/her visits of sites and use of the Services of META excluding the information which is in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine can not be classified as confidential.
1.3. With this Agreement User provides to META consent and the right to record, process, and store (including electronically) Information, registration and account records used for the processing, storage, usage (recording, storing, etc.) of the Information in connection with activities of META. User acknowledges and agrees that one’s accounts (personal and/or identifying information), which are obtained under the Agreement may be stored and processed (used, etc.) by META as under the Agreement so and after its termination.
1.4. Submitting his/her data to META Services, the User automatically agrees to the terms of the Agreement and agrees to comply with them.
1.5. The agreement also applies to websites – META partners (third-party sites that META has information, advertising, technology or other relations with).

2. Obtaining Information

2.1. META retrieve information about users in the registration and during the use of the META Services by the User and services of META partners’ sites.
2.2. Registering at META requires some registration information: name, surname, email address, other additional information and other optional data. Responsibility for the reliability of information is on the User who submitted this information.
2.3. META reserves the right request additional information about the User if necessary.
2.4. The user is forbidden to submit and publish false, misleading information about oneself and to pretend to be another person.
2.5. User is prohibited to illegally obtain information about other users or about META.

3. Purpose of Information

The Information is required for rapid password recovery, to communicate with users in certain cases (for example, to solve technical questions), to send user's subscriptions and other actions, the purpose of which - the convenient and comfortable usage of META Services and sites.

4. Storage of Information

4.1. META does not sell or disclose information about users and undertakes to take steps to keep all the Information secured and is not disclosed to any other person, except as provided by the legislation of Ukraine.
4.2. The agreement does not provide for any provision of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademark rights, and the right to use and/or sale of the Information.

5. Disclosures

5.1. Disclosures os possible in the following cases:
  • where disclosure of Information is intended by the User;
  • where disclosure of Information occurred due to the actions of the User that violate the User Agreement and/or META Services Agreement;
  • where disclosure of information occurred when User subscribes to META Services subscriptions or store data on other sites (including sites - partners of META)
  • where disclosure of information occurred in accordance with the act of a state authority, a court order or otherwise stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.
5.2. META undertakes to take steps to ensure the safety of all information confidential and will not disclose it to any other person, except when obligated to such disclosure by the legislation or by a valid court order. The information requested by the authorized state bodies within their competence, may be issued only when the obligation to disclose it directly set by the legislation of Ukraine.

6. The stored data (сookie)

At some services, META can pass cookies to a web browser and use them. In some cases, META enables some companies and partners to use the cookies at META. In such cases the use of cookies by third parties are not governed by the provisions of the Agreement and is regulated with documents from third parties. In this case, META does not give access to the cookies, which are used by the META in its services.

7. Information Security

7.1. Profile information is password-protected.
7.2. META and User store in secret Account password. In order to protect confidential data User shall take measures to prevent access to the Information by third parties.
7.3. User can change their personal Information and settings at any time.
7.4. If necessary, Information may be deleted by the User or META (eg. in case of breach by the User of the current legislation of Ukraine or the Agreement).
7.5. In identifying the illegal distribution of Information, the User is obliged to immediately notify the META in order to stop the illegal disclosure. If the User knew or could have known about the illegal disclosure of Information and not notified the META, such actions will be regarded by META as acceptance by the User such disclosure of information, resulting that META avoid any liability for such disclosure.
7.6. No claim may be presented to META on the disclosure of information, in the event that such disclosure has been made by the User or with his consent.

8. Final provisions

8.1. META may made any Amendments and changes to the Agreement without prior notice. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement.
8.2. The current version of the Agreement is located at:
8.3. The Agreement also governed by the User Agreement.
8.4. All questions and suggestions related to the Agreement should be addressed to:
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